So now what, Lisa?

AFN has come out in opposition to Kavanaugh. AFN.  You remember them, right? When you needed them, they were there for you. They put you over the top in your write in campaign. They have remained some of your most faithful voters.

So what are you going to do now, Lisa, now that they oppose this joke that is looking to get a job that will affect Native American and Alaska Native rights for possibly decades to come? Forget about women’s rights. I’m guessing as the mother of only boys this is not as important to you. You are past needing the right to determine your own body’s fate and your sons have the assurance of a Congress that mandates insurance coverage of Viagra. So your family is ok.

But Native rights? The rights Alaska Natives have had to fight tooth and nail for? The rights that were denied them for generations? The rights that all other Americans enjoyed but the people who were actually here first were denied? What are you going to do to protect them?

Kavanaugh does not belong on the Supreme Court. Given his potential gambling problems and debts, he shouldn’t be in any position of influence where he can be blackmailed. And it certainly sounds like he is exactly in a position where he can be blackmailed for his gambling addiction. Yet to blindly follow the direction of your Republican overlords, you will put any piece of scum on the Supreme Court.

Do you think this will help you stay powerful in DC? Because, let’s be realistic, turn your back on the Native communities of Alaska and it won’t matter because you won’t be going back to DC. You can’t win without them. Too many Republicans are still looking to take you down. You have never won because of them. You have won because of the Independents and Democrats who thought you were telling the truth when you said you’d be independent.

Did you lie to us then? Was it all just a big smoke screen to get the votes you needed? When push came to shove, did you ever really intend to protect Alaska Native rights?

Given your actions so far, seems as though your support of Alaska Natives is as firm as limp cardboard. So you end up just another lying politician in a sea of lying politicians. Congrats.