Alaska’s “no balls” delegation

Despite the fact that only one of our esteemed congressional delegation has the right to claim no balls by birth, none of them seems to have any at all – even those who should have them no matter how low they now hang.

Over the course of the past year, the POS currently sullying the White House has said and done things that have violated the ethics and morals of any good and decent person. The tweet about the deaths in Puerto Rico alone should have been met with swift and loud condemnation by anyone with even an ounce of decency.

But apparently in our entire delegation, not even an ounce can be found.

Don Young – he wouldn’t know decency if it stood up with a sign and smacked him over the head with it. His loud silence on everything and anything happening in Congress makes me wonder if he ever wakes up from his afternoon nap to find out what’s really happening. Or do his staff simply point him towards the floor when the House has a vote and tell him if it’s a Republican measure to just vote yes even if he doesn’t have the faintest idea of what the vote is about. Useless as tits on a boar.

Dan Sullivan – our senator from someplace but not Alaska – has already declared his willingness to vote to confirm a man to the Supreme Court who would overturn the rights Alaska Natives have fought so long and hard for. In case there is any doubt in your mind that this man represents only other white men, here’s your proof. In order to get in good with his other rich buddies and become one of the faceless old white men of the Senate, he’ll turn his back on his constituents – well, in his head, they aren’t really his constituents because, let’s face it, they’re not white men. And here again, you can take a jeweler’s eyepiece and scan every inch of this man and never find the slightest hint of decency. He will never call out the POS in the White House because he wants so badly to be liked by the big boys and be allowed in their club and that simply leaves no room for Alaska Natives or decency.

Lisa – no last name needed – is the only member of the delegation that has a reason for having no balls. Sadly, she is rapidly showing she also has no spine or decency since she simply passed over POS’ remarks that only 18 people died in Puerto Rico and the rest is Democratic propaganda. That’s 3000 AMERICAN citizens that we let die due to that POS’ total hatred and racism. Puerto Rico is not filled with white people so, quite frankly, he could give a damn. And apparently, so could Lisa.

Yep, Alaskans, that’s your delegation. Groping women? Not a problem. Cheating on your wife with a prostitute. Ho hum. Lying every time you open your mouth. Who cares. Denigrating a war hero. So what. Playing golf more often than actually governing – well, that’s probably a good thing for our country. Less time our generals have to ignore their Commander in Chief.

I wish we had even one politician on the national scene that wasn’t a complete and utter embarrassment to our state. But in this era of racial hate, scientific ignorance and the celebration of rampant stupidity, I guess it’s too much to ask.