Here is the real question

How bad does the attempted rape have to be for you to feel that testifying about it in front of the US Senate suddenly makes it look not so bad? Christine Blasey Ford has not yet responded to requests to appear before the Senate and, seriously, who can blame her? A group of old white men who think their power allows them to pinch and grope at will are going to attack her like she’s never been attacked before. They will make her appear as a sleazy liar and whore. They will do all they can to destroy her so that their pal can get a lifelong job with the power to deny women their basic rights.

I am sick… sick at heart, sick for her, sick that more than twenty years after Anita Hill we are going to see more of the same and worse.

And how will Alaska’s senators handle this? Sorry, it makes me too sick to even think about it.

What a horrible world we are now in. What a horrible place America has become. What amoralistic, misogynistic pussy grabbers are leadung our country down the road of perdition and ruin.

Congrats, Republicans. You’ve destroyed the country you swore to protect.


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  1. LaVerne H Smith says:

    keep writing and exposing the lies.

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