When I was in high school

When I was in high school, if a girl got pregnant it was automatically assumed she was to blame because, you know, guys will be guys. It amazes me that over fifty years later, this is the same sentiment being expressed by the old white men who run the Senate. Well, it doesn’t actually amaze me since it fits their picture of how the world should be.

If a boy had tried to rape me or feel me up or in any way approach me sexually, I would have considered it my fault for tempting them beyond their ability to control themselves. I would not have told my mother because she would have also believed it was my fault for the way I dressed or the “situation” I allowed myself to get in.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that my mother didn’t love and care for me. But she was brought up to also believe that it was a woman’s responsibility to help a man control his impulses.

So when Dr. Ford met with attempted rape at a drunken party in the 80s when she was a high school student, it doesn’t shock me that she didn’t report it. Because, you know, boys will be boys. And if boys are drunk, they will be even more “boy” and she clearly enticed them by being – you know – female. You’d think she’d have learned to control that by the time she was in high school.

I look at the faces of these old white men and feel they clearly hate women on some deep level or they wouldn’t be saying what they are saying about her – and yes, POS is at the top of this list. They left a seat open for over a year on the Supreme Court when it was Obama’s nominee but now claim that they have to rush this nomination through because time is of the essence.

The only time that is of the essence is the time needed to thoroughly examine this issue and have a reasonable investigation. Despite the claim of their old white leader that the FBI is not responsible for investigating things (seriously, what does that idiot think the I stands for?), the idea that these hideous old men will put another woman through the Anita Hill grindstone before doing exactly what they want anyway is just disgusting. Twenty years later and nothing has changed.

Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii is standing up for Dr. Ford. She sees what those men are trying to do to her and she is objecting loudly and clearly. Too bad Lisa Murkowski doesn’t have the ethics, morals or courage to do the same.

Go ahead and vote the way your old Republican men tell you to, Lisa. Be their good little girl. We’ll remember when you run to retain your seat. We’ll remember and we will come for you with an amount of women power that should scare the pants off you. Best to start looking for another job now.