Interesting day

Bill Cosby is being sentenced as a sex offender and women are coming out from all sides of the spectrum to share their very own Kavanaugh stories – stories that usually involve him being drunk at a party and his penis being shown to any and all at that party. What a wonderful day for men.

As far as Cosby is concerned, he deserves whatever he gets given how he used his fame and power to rape women after drugging them. You don’t report the most powerful man in your field if you ever want to work in that field again. That’s a lesson every woman of my generation learned early on in her career – no matter what her career is.

But Kavanaugh – ah, Kavanaugh. He waves his penis around and thinks women should be thrilled that he’s showing them his manhood. And where is his wife in all this? Why has she not come to his defense? If he is such a good guy, why isn’t she screaming that from the rooftops? Or does she maybe have a suspicion that these women are right about him and doesn’t want to get involved?

Either way, in the next few days we will have sentenced one sex offender and – if Lisa Murkowski can find a spare pair of balls – we will have sent another one back to the obscurity he deserves.

Fingers crossed.