I’m so tired of the circus

I am so tired of the circus that has become our Congress and presidency… sorry, I tried to capitalize the word presidency but given the asshole in office right now, I simply couldn’t. He doesn’t deserve it and the clowns serving him just make the circus more circus-like. And all I want to scream at this point is will someone please do the merciful thing and shoot Don Jr’s cell phone so he can’t tweet anymore? Because, quite frankly, just when you thought his father’s tweets were the most horrible, insulting and fictional pieces of writing in the history of tweets, he comes along and brings the whole discussion down to an even lower level.

Is this what the phrase “like father, like son” means? That if the father is a misogynistic, women groping, piece of shit, then the son is a little piece of shit expelled right from daddy’s anus? Inquiring minds want to know.