Sports, exercising and dangers

Football – Traumatic Brain Injury

Soccer – same plus interesting leg bruises

Karate – kick injuries to growing bodies that result in pain and problems by the time they are 20

Basketball – becoming unhealthily obese when career ends because you still eat as much as you used to when playing

Baseball  Рhit in head with bat, arm that is permanently injured from throwing, crotch destroyed by low ball

Golf – one hit by a golf ball and it is coma city

Biking – ego injury resulting from anyone seeing you in spandex

Walking/running – pulled hamstring, attacks by hawks guarding their nests, pissed moose chasing you (those last two may just be Alaska things)

Snertz – broken hand bones (and everyone in Utqiagvik knows what I’m talking about here)

Bridge – painful paper cuts from plastic cards

Reading – see Bridge except from turning pages

Napping a lot – Bingo! we have a winner. No injuries and I’m already at an Olympic level of play.

Feel free to add any I’ve missed.


One thought on “Sports, exercising and dangers”

  1. Sonya Rogers says:

    I remember a few sore hands from playing Snertz with a few people. Yes, I excel at napping , could probably get first place in thus activity

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