And so it ends

America had a good run for a couple hundred years. But now, like the Roman Empire, we begin the slide into dictatorship with diminishing influence on the world stage and a party of old white men supported by other rich old white men ruling a populace that is starting to look very ripe for revolution.

I feel as though this is a problem that needs to be passed to the next generation. My generation is dying out. We won’t live to see the total destruction of America by these disgusting men of privilege led by an orange POS trying to pull us back to the last century. It’s the new generation that will have to deal with the results – with women dying in back alleys again, with women being abused and raped with little consequence, with Alaska Natives and Native Americans and Native Hawaiians losing the ground they’ve gained so slowly and painfully over the past fifty years.

Yep, we now have a disgraced Supreme Court that has accepted an alcoholic wannabe rapist into their midst to join Clarence Thomas who now has a buddy who feels the same way about women as he does – they are there to be used and abused for the amusement of white men. But if you are a black man or a man of any other ethnicity and you touch a white woman the wrong way, you go to jail for life. Here in Alaska, it’s already ok to force a woman out of a car, choke her until she passes our and then masturbate on her with no real penalty (she was Native so, you know, it hardly counts…).  So you can see which way the Supreme Court will be leaning on similar issues.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m glad I’m on the dying end of my life because I got to live my life while America was still a great country. Now other countries laugh openly at our purported leader, sign agreements with no input from us and generally ignore the idiot supposedly leading us. It amazes me that America could lose it all in just a few short years but we did.

Welcome to the new America – if you’re a woman or person of color, beware. Your rights are about to be extremely curtailed so that the old white men running the country can enhance theirs.