Who is the most bullied person on earth?

Let’s start by admitting it’s not Melania Trump. No one who lives in a gilded cage atop a skyscraper in Manhattan when she isn’t living off the American people in a gorgeous mansion in DC can really claim to be that bullied without generating a lot of laughter.

Here’s who I think are truly the most bullied people on earth.

For starts, if you live in America and are a black boy or man, you come ahead of Melania in being the most bullied. Whether you are babysitting some kids or your backpack accidentally touches a white woman, the police get called and you are lucky if you get to explain yourself before they shoot you.

Any woman who believes she has a right to make decisions about her own body, whether it be to carry a baby to term or to have sex with someone, there are millions out in the Twitterverse who will be happy to bully you into tears (at a minimum) or suicide (maximum) for the choice you made. If a man wants to screw you, just give in because it’s his right. If you didn’t want to have sex or get pregnant, you shouldn’t have dressed so sexily. After all, we can’t expect a man to control his impulses. Nope, it’s all your fault and you will hear about how it is from all those good Christians who feel that bullying in the name of the lord is justified.

Most bullied person in the world – how about any woman who comes out and publicly states that she was raped and gets trashed for being a whore who shouldn’t have put herself in a dangerous position to begin with?

Most bullied person in the world – how about the three year old appearing in a deportation court alone because he or she doesn’t get a lawyer, a parent or a guardian?

Most bullied person in the world – how about anyone working for the EPA in the era of “No science is the best science” who tries to speak out for the truth of science?

Most bullied person in the world – how about the girls who are beaten and killed by their parents for getting raped?

I could go on but you get the idea. Melania Trump lives in a locked gilded cage of her own making. My sympathy for her comes right below my sympathy for Hitler’s wife. They both knew what they were getting into. And they both chose marriage, money and power over morals and ethics.

Melania’s Be Best campaign is not only poor grammar, it’s a joke and has been from day one.