We have become morally bankrupt and are verging on reprehensible

The POS currently sullying the White House calls Kim Jong Un a great man and thinks the Saudis are worth doing business with despite their horrific human rights record – and the fact that the majority of 9/11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia. And to top it off, Pat Robertson, purporting to represent some branch of Christianity that I do not recognize in the slightest, has said that human life is not worth the billion dollars the Saudis will give us for weapons they can use to kill their own people and anyone else who annoys them. Because Christianity certainly has nothing to do with the idea that the death of one person can change the world.

Yep, we have not only lost our moral compass, we have not only moved another step closer to becoming the world’s newest pariah, we have stomped on every value and ideal we once claimed to hold dear.

So what is left that America stands for? Hmmm… well, we now value munitions and millions for the richest of the rich who make them over the dignity of human life. We now accept that the POS currently sullying the White House insults women on a daily basis without thinking twice about it. We accept a Supreme Court judge who is most likely an alcoholic and probably a sexual abuser to boot.

We have, in effect, abandoned all pretense of moral values and turned the world over to China and Russia. The American Century is not only over, it has died with a big explosion of noxious gas coming from our nation’s capitol where legislators deny the reality the whole rest of the world accepts as man made climate change while pretending that the recent storms, fires and rising temps around the world are just business as usual.

We have become the munition maker to the world. We sell weapons that kill, maim and destroy whole countries to whoever is the highest bidder. Our soldiers have become mercenaries sent to fight wars anywhere in the world that seems ripe for more munition sales if we just keep the bombing going a little longer.

We have become the country that, in the past, we would have condemned for moral depravity. Congratulations, Republicans. You destroyed this country in less than two years on your march to controlling all the wealth in the world. You must be so proud.