So my parents wouldn’t be Americans

My grandparents came to this country undocumented. All my grandparents. Both sides. No exceptions. Came here illiterate and mostly unskilled. Brought with them nothing more than a desire to make a better life for themselves and the determination to work as hard an necessary to do that.

All their children were born in America before they became citizens. So, under the current POS sullying the White House, my parents would not have been American citizens even though they were born here. And that would mean that I wasn’t an American.

Quite frankly, given who is running (ruining) this country right now, I wish my grandparents had emigrated to Canada instead. But then, under POS’ decision to try and end citizenship for those born in America to non-citizens, even he wouldn’t be a citizen.

Oh god, the dream is so close and yet so far away. If only he wasn’t a citizen. If only…