What I’m thankful for

This year, I am thankful for the following:

1. That Supreme Court Justice John Roberts found what must be some of the tiniest balls in modern male history to finally call out Trump over his trashing of the judiciary.

2. That the POS currently sullying the White House has not yet nuked us into total annihilation.

3. That First Lady Melania is still married to that POS so that no other woman has to make the ultimate sacrifice to please our current Sleazeball in Chief.

4. That Americans are finally seeing through the hideous misogyny and repulsive racism that is currently destroying America and is starting to show that in their votes.

5. That my parents are not around to see the reality of the church to which they were so hopelessly devoted.

6. That Bird TLC finally has its very own clinic. Come one, come all to our grand opening on Saturday from 1 to 3.

7. That I do not know even one Scientologist personally.

8. That thanks to Ivanka, no Republican will ever again be able to bring up Hillary’s emails with a straight face.

9. That Mitch McConnell is too old to have too many more years left to destroy America.

10. That Jeff Sessions has gone back to doing what he does best – baking cookies.

Happy Turkey Day, folks. Fingers crossed that by next Thanksgiving we will be uttering thanks for all the indictments coming from Muller directed at the White House and the horrible people now calling it home.