The question that must be asked

OK, so everyone in the Christian world, and probably some who are not, know that the colors of Christmas are basically red and green. Yes, you can have silver and gold hanging around the house but it’s the red and green that make it official. They are what let’s us know it’s Christmas.

So the question that has to be asked is why no one told Melania about this. Those red trees that look like a memorial to all the White House blood baths of the past two years could easily be dressed up with some green garland, some gold and silver balls – some anything but that solid red look that is just friggin’ scary. Who the hell told that poor woman that this was Christmas decor?

Imagine for a moment if Hillary or Michelle had put up this kind of Christmas tree. The pundits at Fox and Friends would be having strokes explaining how this was just one more blow in the war on Christmas. They’d expostulate on how no real Christian would put up blood red Christmas trees. They would bemoan the fact that the White House was trying to destroy any, and every, thing associated with a real Christian Christmas.

But it’s not Hillary or Michelle. It’s Melania – you know, that good Christian who used to pose nude for magazines. So long as she puts it up in honor of her good Christian husband – who for some strange reason couldn’t remember the Apostle’s Creed at the Bush funeral – then all is well in Trumpland.

I’ve had my doubts about religion for a long time. I’ve had doubts about Christianity even longer. Now that I watch it bed down with a whoring piece of shit and his latest hottie, I no longer have any doubts. It’s all bullshit that is there to manipulate the minds of the masses into voting against their best interests time and time again. It truly is the opiate of the masses. And it’s romance with Trump merely puts the exclamation point on its demise as a moral force in America.