If you have not yet seen…

If you have not yet seen the video of Sen. Diane Feinstein debating school kids over climate change, it’s a must. It’s a must especially if you wonder why these children will be totally turned off by government and ready for a revolution in the very near future – assuming they have a future when we finish messing around with this earth.

In the video, she makes it clear to these kids that she’s the adult and she knows best. Given her age, you’d wish this were true but it’s not. Because what she failed to grasp is that the passion these children were showing was because they are the ones who will live with the consequences of our choices today about stemming climate change.

Old people – and I include myself as well as Feinstein – don’t have to worry about this. We’ll be dead. But these kids will be the ones dealing with insect extinction, ocean levels rising, storms of gargantuan proportions happening every year, bee colonies collapsing… you name it. We created it and they will suffer the pain of our creation.

So, Senator Feinstein, the next time you meet a group of kids passionate about climate change and its effect on their futures, how about you drop the condescension and treat them with the respect they deserve. Or minimally get the hell out of their way while they clean up the mess we made of this earth.

You are no longer part of the solution, Senator. You are simply a continuation of the problem.