Here’s what men can do to help prevent abuse

I’ve been involved in social services and health care my entire career in Alaska. So you’ll excuse me if I tell you how tired I am of hearing about all the programs that are going to be funded to prevent sexual and physical abuses in our villages. While some may have worked a little, most don’t work at all. Women still flee if possible to Anchorage or Fairbanks to get away from it only to find that it can be hard in those cities to stay safe too.

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Dogs can count

This is the routine in my home. I get up in the morning, make coffee, read the paper, feed birds, give dogs each half a treat in the kitchen while making toast. Sometime late morning or early afternoon I come down to my office. The dogs each get half a treat in the office from a different container. And that is pretty much it for treats as Rizley is getting a bit of a potbelly.

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Because they really don’t give a crap – that’s why

People seem to be startled by the fact that Republicans can sit and listen to the testimony about Orange Peel’s extortion of a foreign power for his own political gain and still claim he’s not guilty. Well folks, here’s the reality. The Republicans don’t give a damn – and that includes the Republicans that represent this great state.

Between the incompetence of Mike Dunleavy and apparently anyone he hires to the disgusting silence emanating from our congressional delegation, it is clear that Trump could kill that person on Fifth Avenue in NYC and the Rs would still defend him.

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I get up, let the dogs out, open the lights for the birds, hit the on button on the coffee maker and then check my blood sugar and take my meds.

After all that comes the real fun, the fun you get to have it you’re retired and really enjoying it. I climb back in bed with my coffee and my iPad. My two dogs curl up around me as I check out the morning news, read the paper, answer emails and generally spend about two hours just letting the day start slowly and peacefully.

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Peace of mind

I am retired. I retired from working for the North Slope Borough starting in 1975, which means I am part of the Tier 1 PERS retirement system. And that means that when a doctor tells me I need a medication, I bring the prescription to the pharmacy without hesitation. I don’t have to hesitate because I have a retiree health plan that provides drug coverage. And that provides a peace of mind that simply cannot be quantified in any meaningful way.

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Where were you when

Nov. 22, 1963 I was in the fall of my senior year in high school. I went to a small Catholic high school in an old building that was shared with a grade school. We had our school play in the same gym/auditorium/whatever room as the grade school. The day my class graduated, the buildings were condemned and the next year the school was in a new facility with it’s own gym and cafeteria and football practice field – something you don’t tend to have when your highs school is in the middle of the city.

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That sideways glance

Except for my Mr. T, I have never really known a lot of history on the rescue dogs I’ve adopted. But their attitude and actions can often speak volumes. With Rizley, though, I’m still trying to figure out if someone once hurt him or if he’s just a prick at times.

Rizley periodically goes through a mood in which he goes to the hallway downstairs and pees and poops at night. He doesn’t do it most of the time. But when he does, it’s three or four days in a row and then he usually stops.

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Despite it all

I can’t drive in the dark. Hell, I can barely drive in the dusk. And ever since Johnson’s Tires closed down with my studded snow tires, I’ve been very leery of driving on icy roads with my all weather tires.

So why, as my family and friends from outside often wonder, do I stay here. And the answer is very simple.

Every morning I wake up to the sight of the Chugach Mountains out my bedroom window. When I wake up early, which is sadly becoming more and more common as the pains persist through the night, I see those Continue reading →


Hotels love to screw you on prices

Went online to book my annual Vegas trip. Room I found at the Flamingo was $35/night. Cool. For $140 I get to spend four fun filled days and nights losing my shirt at the slot machines.

But wait. There’s more. What’s this? Oh yes, that pesky resort fee – you know, the one they charge you for all those amenities they tout in your room and for which you foolishly thought you’d paid when you paid for the room. Suddenly my bill doubled as the resort fee also came to $140.

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