And so the world descends into madness

Orange Peel has finally done it. It was bad enough we’ve been at war in the middle-East for almost twenty years. Now he has guaranteed we will be there for many years more. He wants a war. He wants to pretend he is some grand military leader with bone spurs. He wants to distract us from his impeachment and in doing so has made this world an extremely more dangerous place.

I look back at the past couple of years and can’t help but notice that the vast majority of mass terrorist attacks have been committed by homegrown terrorists who hate other religions and peoples to cover up what losers they are. So I once again have to wonder why we are still embroiled in the middle-East when the danger is clearly right in our backyards.

Our only real allies in this new “war” Trump is creating are Israel and Saudi Arabia – yeah, that Saudi Arabia, the one that murders with impunity and denies women their basic rights at every turn. You know you’re not in a good war when you only allies are of highly questionable moral values and motivations. And I don’t believe either of our “allies” gives a rat’s ass about America. I think they are mostly interested in manipulating a president and administration that in total amalgamation couldn’t reach an IQ of 70.

We are headed to war. It’s what Orange Peel and his hateful advisors are urging him to do. It’s what he ultimately wants to do. And we sit here, attacked by homegrown terrorists with guns obtained thanks to the NRA and compliant congresspeople, and there is not a damn thing we can do about it.

Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye. Orange Peel will finish the destruction of America before his second term begins.