God help me – I like Mike Bloomberg

Maybe it’s because I grew up in the Northeast. Maybe it’s because he defies all dearly held beliefs about billionaires. Maybe it’s because anyone who says he is willing to spend $1 billion of his own money to defeat Donald Trump has my attention. And maybe it’s because if he doesn’t take contributions, he isn’t beholden to anyone.

I can’t really put my finger on it. Sometimes I think I’m just being catty and want to see a real New York billionaire go up against a fake New York billionaire.

I know Bloomberg is to some extent just another old white guy running for president. But his position on things like climate change and gun control are pretty close to mine. He made his money investing in a lot of things, many of them deliberately ecologically friendly and almost all successful. That’s how he has $63 billion dollars.

Any grownup in the room should know by now that the presidency in this country is for sale to the highest bidder. So we should stop being squeamish about a billionaire running on his own money. At least he’s not borrowing to pay for it so he shouldn’t be as obligated as most who win that office.

Most importantly, he can win. Not because he’s necessarily the best candidate – though I would argue he’s as good if not better than some of those who have sent us into comas with their debate responses. No, he will win because he will make Donald Trump absolutely insane – crazier than he already is. He will push him over the edge and even Republicans won’t be able to pretend he hasn’t gone around the bend.

Drive Trump nuts. Vote Mike Bloomberg.