As our stomachs turn

And so the sun sets on another day in Sin City, home of the greatest patriots and the sleaziest politicians the world has ever produced. Still we are left to wonder – will they or won’t they? Will Mitch McConnell take his virginity out of the box and let it become dirtied with truth? Would Mitch even know truth if it gobsmacked him in the face? Given his clear fear of the truth, I think it’s safe to say that he will do everything except fall on his sword for Orange Peel to avoid it.

But maybe – and I only throw this out there in order to cover all bases – does Mitch actually know what the truth looks like and just doesn’t want to see it. You know, like the Wicked Witch in Oz didn’t want to see buckets of water hanging around. It just might be that the even the whisper of truth would be enough to make Midnight Mitch melt into a foul smelling pile of goo. Of course, if he was in the Senate when this happened, it would be hard to tell given all the competing smells of shit that would surround him.