Thank you, Alan Dershowitz

I am so grateful to Mr. Dershowitz, for his cogent and convincing argument that so long as a president thinks it’s in the country’s best interest, it’s not illegal no matter what he does.

I’d like to get in on this logic as I find it quite helpful to my fulfilling my bucket list. So here goes.

I believe it’s in my best interest to have Bill Gates give me half his fortune and I will break into his bank account and get it myself if he doesn’t cooperate.

I believe it is in my best interest to star in the next movie in which Brad Pitt takes his shirt off a lot and if this doesn’t happen, I will burn down every studio in Hollywood to get my way.

I believe it is in my best interest to own an island where I will bring all abandoned/abused animals to live out their lives in peace and if I don’t get this, I will take the island by force with my navy which will be wearing the insignia of the Space Force just because that insignia is cool…

What, you say? I can’t do this because I’m not the president and this only counts if you’re the president? Hmmm – do you really think that would be the argument the Republicans would be making if Obama was still president?