Who knows what the hell day it is

It is day who cares of self isolating in the hope of not dying before casting my vote in November. Things are starting to fall apart more rapidly than I thought possible.

I have to remind myself to shower… well, actually, I know it’s time when the dogs won’t sleep with me.

I feel as though I’ve accomplished something if I actually get out of my bathrobe at some point during the day other than to go back to bed.

I feel as though I’ve accomplished even more if I get dressed and then don’t get back in my bathrobe Continue reading →


I’m so friggin’ bored!

Ok, so isolating because people annoy you and you periodically need a break from them is understandable and fun – at least in my world it is. But this mandatory stay in place crap has really got me going crazy.


Now that is a terrible thing to say considering I am suffering through this pandemic in the comfort and safety of my own home with enough food, drink and pot to keep me very happy and enough books, magazines and tv shows to keep me amused until the Rapture.

So why am I bored?

I don’t Continue reading →


Bail outs

There are a lot of Americans really hurting right now. They need help with their bills, their healthcare and their future. You know who doesn’t need this help? Any company whose corporate officers received millions of dollars a year in compensation.

Seriously, if they are really worth that much money for running their companies, you would have thought they’d be bright enough to come up with contingency plans to keep the company afloat under the worst of circumstances. Instead, they took their billions and ran off to their private yachts and mansions so as to not have to associate with Continue reading →


Things to do while isolating

  1. Empty out the junk drawer. Look at what is in there in horror. Try to remember what each random piece of plastic, cap, dried tube and multiple pieces of string and rubber bands are worth keeping. Get frustrated. Throw everything back in drawer and wait for next pandemic or the second coming to clean out. Get stoned. Watch Big Bang reruns.
  2. Check on how much belly button lint you’ve collected since the last time you checked down there. Get very stoned when you realize the amount far exceeded your expectations and watch reruns of NCIS: LA.
  3. Pull out that adult
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They are the best

My vets at College Village Animal Clinic are the best. And I do mean the absolute best.

Yesterday I had to bring in one of my dogs for his annual exam. Got to the clinic, walked into the waiting room and it was packed. Walked out, got in my car and tried to decide if I was comfortable going into such a crowded room. I was not.

So how did they handle this old lady quaking in her car from the thought of anything less than a five foot space around her and preferred it best if no one else Continue reading →

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Oh my Oh my Oh my

So today, in an excess of caution, I decided to get a mani/pedi while it was still safe to go out. And yes, you can congratulate me on having my priorities straight. First mani/pedi, then meds, then food. Oops – let me correct that. First pot, then etc. etc.

By the time I got to Costco the place was a madhouse. The lines for checkout went around to almost the back of the store. And I once again have to ask – does everyone think the corona virus gives you the death squirts? Because if not, why the hell the Continue reading →


Let us talk of the corona virus

I am one of those people in a demographic that promises I will die almost instantly if I get near anyone with the corona virus on them. I mean, I’m really IN that demographic. Solidly, unequivocally, and completely within it. In fact, I am in it times three.

I am slightly over 60. Ok, slightly over 65. Ok, fine! I’m slightly over 70 and that will be the last word on that. As for underlying health issues, well there is where I really grab the gold ring. I have not one, not two but three underlying health conditions that guarantee Continue reading →


We can only hope

I realize this is a terrible thing to write or say but… I hope Orange Peel gets the corona virus. I don’t want to hope he dies since that goes against all those supposed Christian virtues I learned as a child. But I kinda do. At a minimum, I want him to get very sick because that seems to be the only way we can get this piece of shit to take this outbreak seriously and do something about it other than lying to us.

Orange Peel claims he’s going to continue to hold his rallies because he doesn’t think Continue reading →


Hey, Philly!

So Jill Biden’s response to her wrestling down the protester trying to attack her husband was, “I’m a Philly girl.”

Why is this not already on posters and t-shirts all over the country?

Do not mess with a Philly girl. And for god’s sake, don’t threaten her man or she will show you why you shouldn’t big time.

You go, Jill. You are a PHILLY GIRL! Continue reading →


What is wrong with this picture

So we have Mike Pence in charge of America’s corona virus response. How adorable. A man with no scientific background who believes you can pray the gay away is going to save us from a pandemic. Why doesn’t this make me feel safer?

I do have some questions for our new Chief Medical Person – questions that have nothing to do with the obvious one of how someone with no scientific knowledge gets to censor the results of real scientists in giving the official government response.

My first question is how will we separate the men and women so they Continue reading →