Now what?

I just want two things to happen before I die. I want the Democrats to get their act together and actually win the presidency. And I want Donald Trump and his immediate family to go to jail.

I probably have a better chance at the latter than the former. The Dems are never organized. It seems as though the Rs whip their followers into shape through fear and intimidation and their followers believe every word they hear and immediately form a solid wall.

The Ds don’t do fear and intimidation quite as well. In fact, they don’t know how to do it at all. This is because the Ds are the party of love and peace. When you are the party of love and peace, trying to keep your followers in order is like trying to herd cats. It can be done but not without an extraordinary amount of effort and not a little amount of cussing,

Despite having narrowed their potential nominee field from 900,000 to merely 3 or 400,000, Ds are no closer to a nominee than Harry and Megan are to a private life. Seems like every primary so far has thrust a different nominee into the lead. Who the hell are we supposed to get behind when every candidate can claim a win in at least one state?

By the time the Ds pick their candidate, especially if it comes down to a contested convention, the Rs will be so far ahead in organization, message and discipline that the Ds will once again spend most of their time playing catch up.

Once, just once, I wish the Ds could get their act together in time to be at least at the starting gate when the race begins. Instead, the Ds will still be in the stable arguing over whether they can support a particular horse if it doesn’t stand for exactly what they want. Meanwhile, the Rs horse will have left the starting gate and be halfway home before we even trot our horse out of the barn.

Ds – always ready and able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.