The Postal Service

Ah, the US Post Office. Those of us of a certain age wax nostalgic over the mailman – and they were all men back then – who delivered the mail right to your home. They usually knew you and your family members by name because they’d been doing it for so long. For others, mail delivery has always come in a truck that stopped at the end of the driveway to put the mail into the box there. And for others, mail delivery meant going to the post office to meet and greet friends and pick up your mail.

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We’ve not come far from Bedlam

Bedlam was a real place. There was a time in British history when it was second only to St. Paul’s Cathedral as a place to visit in London. For a nominal fee, the general public was allowed to enter Bedlam and view its patients. It was considered one of the best shows in town and was so cheap that even Londoners put out the money for multiple visits because you never knew what the show would be that day.

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