Am I the only one who has noticed?

I rarely watch TV that hasn’t been dvr’d because, quite frankly, most advertisements make me want to run screaming from the room while pulling my hair out to lessen the pain in my head from the noise.

But thanks to covid and politics, I have been in the position of watching live tv on occasion. And I have just one question.

Am I the only one who has noticed the dichotomy between what is being said and what is being shown on most medical commercials? A pill will be advertised to cure some disease most of us have never heard of. While listing all the horrendous possible side effects (anal leakage, peed pants, blood streaming eyes), they are showing pictures of beaches and skies and people hitting golf balls on courses that are always right by the sea. They are showing pictures of happy couples – he’s got grey hair and a sweater around his shoulder, she’s had more botox than naturally exists on this earth – and they are skipping through flowers unaware that the pill they are taking can, according to the announcer’s voice – cause them to grow horns and become homicidal maniacs.

Of course, if any of this occurs, stop taking the pill and run like hell to the nearest ER because you are about to become wolf-boy.

Back to only dvr’d TV.

One thought on “Am I the only one who has noticed?”

  1. George Doanrt says:

    Thank you, thank you , thank you, Elise Patkotak for all your writing!

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