On the wings of an eagle


We had an eagle release from  Bird TLC,  the wild bird rehab center where I volunteer. The vet who started the program is Native American and he said that his tribe believes the souls of the departed are brought to heaven on the wings of an eagle. Given Abdul’s chewed up flight feathers, I figured he could use a lift. So I sent him to heaven on the eagle’s wings.

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Columns 2016

Hoisted on his own petard

There’s an old phrase – hoisted on your own petard – which I can remember my mother quoting in my childhood every time I did something she warned me not to do and it went bad.

The quote comes from Shakespeare and, since mom was briefly an English teacher, she loved those quotes. For sure it was not something often said by any other members of our extended family. They usually used Italian phrases when yelling at us and then refused to translate what they’d just said. Didn’t matter though. We knew from the tone just how much trouble we Continue reading → “Hoisted on his own petard”


For all my bird crazed friends

This is a site with a fascinating article about Swainson’s Thrush and genetics and migration. Not a long read but very interesting. And certainly nicer to read than the front page of any given newspaper on any given day until this hideous election cycle has ended. Continue reading → “For all my bird crazed friends”


Michelle Obama should NOT run for president

This woman has too much class, intelligence and common sense to be wasted in the joke that has become our election system. She needs to stay above the fray and continue speaking truth to power. She needs to continue to act as our moral compass in a world where pastors live in palaces and presidential nominees are admitted sexual abusers.

I want Michelle Obama speaking for me for as long as she can and I’m still around. This woman is too good to waste in politics. Continue reading → “Michelle Obama should NOT run for president”


I’m starting to understand

I’m starting to understand my Uncle Joe’s words as he helped us close my mother’s casket… “Once there were seven of us and now there’s just me.”

I walk though my bird room and think that once there were seven there and now there are only four. And while I realize some may not think the grief is similar, to anyone who has ever had a much loved companion animal, you know the grief is as deep and gripping as any grief you will ever feel.

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Not in my family

I don’t know who all these people are that claim that the language Trump used in that infamous video is just locker room talk that all men have heard all their lives. But what I do know is that if my brother or any of my male cousins ever spoke about women that way, our mothers would collectively swoop down from heaven and beat them soundly with a broom.

In families where men are raised to respect women, they do not talk that way or use that language about women ever.  Ever. We did not hear it growing up. Our Continue reading → “Not in my family”


RIP my beautiful Abdul


My heart is broken again. First I lost Captain and now I’ve lost you. And now I feel lost knowing I’ll never hear you tell me to Shut Up! or I Love You! or your wonderful good night greeting of Good Morning said at the top of your voice while I was putting you to bed at night. I can’t wait to join you and all my other beloved pets over that Rainbow Bridge. Continue reading → “RIP my beautiful Abdul”