I want to write something

I want to write something nice. You know – something about kittens or puppies or a pig who saved a baby. But in my head all I hear is noise, horrible, horrible noise. It’s supposed to end next Tuesday but I don’t know of anyone with half a brain who thinks it will. Haters gonna hate and the hate and racism and misogyny that this presidential campaign has caused to erupt with crap all over the American dream will not go quietly into that good night. And we will all suffer for years to come from the deep well of Continue reading →


I was just thinking

Would it be totally wrong of me to just go to bed, pull the covers over my head, hug my dogs tight and wait for Nov. 8 to be over? Because I’m not sure how much more crap I can take before I break. Poor America. She deserves so much better than this from us. Truly, as Queen Elizabeth once said, this is our annus horribilis. Continue reading →


The times have changed

A friend just related a story to me about how her very expensive universal remote wouldn’t work. She and her husband were unable to fix it. They called the manufacturer, GCI and the Geek Squad. It would cost them almost as much as the remote originally did to have someone come over and see if they could make it work. If not, they’d have to to buy a new one which would ultimately triple their original cost. And then their millennial daughter came home and asked why they were using the old remote. When it was explained to her, she Continue reading →

Columns 2016

Hey, Evangelicals, here’s an idea

One of the most puzzling features of the current campaign for me is how evangelical Christians can stick with Trump. On the surface, he would seem to be everything they rail against – multiple marriages, mistresses, talking about women as though they were merely pieces of meat for his delectation – how does anyone put these together with Christian values and come up positive for Trump?

The answer, as best I can tell, is that for some evangelicals, there is really only one issue in this campaign that matters. That issue is the Supreme Court and who will get to Continue reading →


It always feels good

I voted yesterday. I walked into a public building, entered a private booth and cast my ballot. No one watched me. No one had the right to know how I voted. No one harassed or intimidated me as I went to vote. And no one would rain political repercussions down on me for the way I voted.

And that, folks, is what makes America so great and the Orange Man so frightening. He would take it all away.

And BTW, quick civics lesson… thank you Salesian nuns for teaching us these valuable lessons in being American… each state runs each Continue reading →


How pathetic is this?

You know you’re about to lose big when this paragraph appears in a story about you.

“If you’re scoring at home, Trump still trails Clinton by quite a bit in terms of newspaper endorsements. Clinton has over 80, while the Review-Journal is Trump’s fourth — fifth if you count the National Enquirer.”

Seriously, when you have to count the National Enquirer as one of your endorsements in order to get to five, you should probably just pack up and go home. Continue reading →