Nancy Pelosi

I may not be her biggest fan. And there are certainly a lot of people on both sides of the aisle who find her difficult and demanding. But here’s the thing. If she were a man who had just achieved a success that hadn’t been achieved in over sixty years by being tough and demanding, that man would be called a leader – someone who didn’t back down from a challenge. But because she’s a woman, it is somehow unseemly.

I understand the Dems who opposed her, who want a generational change in leadership. I’m just not sure this is Continue reading →


The first thing I heard

The first thing I heard was the rattling of the dishes in my cupboards. Then it sounded like a train was rumbling by. And then it started shaking. This was the worse my house has shook since the initial 7.0.

I sat there holding my dogs, wondering if I should dive under the table, when the shaking stopped. And I just sat there numb. I was afraid to move for fear that if I did, the earth would start shaking again. My dogs were so curled into me that you couldn’t see any space between us. I wanted to tell Continue reading →


OMG! OMG! The Russians found me

I logged on to my website to find a page long comment written in Russian. I don’t know what it said. I don’t care. All I know is that the Russians think I’m important enough to try to crawl into my website.

I blocked them, of course. But I am still thrilled that they thought I was important enough to hack. If only I knew what they were saying. God I hope it wasn’t just an advertisement for large, Russian penises.

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Saw it all already

The headline says that some Kardashian or Jenner wore a totally see through gown that showed her naked ass. The headline made this a breathless statement as though it was not something we routinely see.

So let me make this perfectly clear. We have seen every part of every one of those sluts at least a million times. Their asses. Their vaginas. Their breasts. All have been seen and photographed on multiple occasions. So please spare me the all caps headlines about yet another one of their naked asses.

And just to be clear, walking around naked is not always Continue reading →

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When I first left nursing quarters in Utqiagvik to live in the village, I found out about chopping ice for water. I learned how precious every drop was because of how hard it was to get it, melt it and then dispose of it if it was dirty. I used and reused water. Dirty water could be used for plants. Water used to boil an egg could be used again. Water used to cook pasta could then be used to wash dishes. Clothes rinse water became clothes wash water. The creativity went on and on.

Then we moved to a Continue reading →


He seriously said that?

The POS currently sullying the White House apparently can’t even get talking to children straight. And those conversations tend to be on his level – juvenile and simple.

But POS managed to get on the phone with a seven year old and question why the child still believed in Santa Claus. Seriously, who the hell does something like that?

Did his staff not give him talking points? Did he actually need a cheat sheet that said not to shake a child’s belief in Santa on the night before Christmas? Is there no adult left in the White House who can Continue reading →


Poor Nayla

My deck is covered a few feet deep in snow except for where the magpies and pigeons have stomped it down trying to find food. So if you go out my deck door, you face a little hill of snow you have to go over to get to the flat stuff on the other side.

Poor Nayla had to pee and since it was late at night, I let her out on the deck rather than go downstairs with her. She stood for a moment in front of what must have seemed like a mountain to her and apparently decided Continue reading →


Soon he will have his wish

POS seems to think he can run everything himself because he’s the smartest guy in any room and has a gut that rivals Gibb’s for accuracy. He’s wrong, of course. He’s neither smart nor anything like Leroy Jethro Gibbs who actually believes in honor and truth. Neither of those adjectives apply to the POS currently sullying the White House.

But with each passing day, it becomes obvious that he really doesn’t want advice or input from anyone except that weird little voice in his head. You know the one. It’s the same little voice that told him orange was a Continue reading →


Earthquake coping

Here’s how I’m coping with the aftershocks that make me want to scream. I put the toilet lid down.

That’s right. When the earthquake struck, the lid was up and my medicine cabinet had its contents dumped into the needing to be flushed toilet. I got the tongs from the kitchen, gingerly picked all the stuff out of the toilet, dumped the tongs in the same bag when all had been removed and placed everything into the trash.

So now, every time I use the toilet, I put the lid down. I do this on the theory that the goddess Continue reading →


I love my friends but…

People who love the Christmas holidays have a very difficult time with those of us who don’t. In their hearts they mean so very well. They keep giving Christmas decorations, Christmas stuffed toys, table top Christmas trees, Styrofoam candy canes – you name it and I promise you those of us who do not particularly like or celebrate this holiday have received it as a gift.

Most often this gift comes with the words, “You don’t have anything for Christmas in your house so I thought I’d give you a little something to put out.”

But here’s the thing. It’s Continue reading →