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Fox just seems to attract them

Fox News is really having a rough year. Not as rough as the years women working there had to endure a culture of sexual harassment, but a tough year nonetheless. Yet another employee of the organization, host Eric Bolling, has been suspended for texting lewd photos of male genitalia to women who had definitely not asked to see them. Given how badly this type of activity has gone in the past (can you say Anthony Weiner?), one has to wonder what these men are thinking when they indulge in this creepy pastime.

I’m not a prude. I’m well aware that Continue reading →


If his mouth is open, he’s lying

That is the only conclusion that can be drawn from the recent release of telephone transcripts between the asshole in the White House and the president of Mexico and prime minister of Australia. On top of which, if you read the transcripts, he is almost incoherent with some statements and with others just sounds plain stupid. His version of these calls was a total lie. Not misleading but lies.

How low can America sink? Well, with the Liar in Chief at the helm, it seems as though there is no bottom to the bottom. Continue reading →

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Scaramucci is just a thug

As I’ve mentioned here before, I was born and raised in an Italian immigrant community. As such, I feel an overwhelming sadness that Anthony Scaramucci has come to represent that honorable group on a national stage in any way, shape or form.

Growing up, I often heard my mother say that the streets were not going to get her son. I had no idea what she meant. The streets I knew were safe and full of people who were neighbors and friends. Even when the Godfather movies came out and my mother refused to go because of their portrayal of Continue reading →


What the hell?

Trump and Trump Jr.’s original statement on the Russian meeting was not “misleading”. It was a friggin’ lie. A big, fat, unabashed lie. And if Hillary had told it, the Republicans would already be impeaching her while demanding that she be jailed. What the hell is wrong with the Republican Party? Is winning some elections or passing some bill in Congress more important than the moral health of this country and the person who (for some, not me) leads it? Where is their outrage? Talk about unAmerican. The Republican Party right now is a hotbed of unAmericanism by their silence Continue reading →

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Religious right attempts to curtail equal rights for all Anchorage citizens

I’m not sure when the idea of equal rights became so scary to a very conservative portion of the Christian right, but it has. And so a petition has been filed with the Anchorage City Clerk’s Office to get the question of equal rights for all Anchorage citizens on the ballot. This ballot measure would be an attempt to take away equal rights from a certain portion of our population that the Alaska Family Action group, headed by Jim Minnery whose wife spearheaded the petition, doesn’t like.

That’s right, I said doesn’t like. Because under all those flowery words of Continue reading →


Am I the only one who is just bored at this point?

Once again some Kardashian has shown up in public with see through clothing and it comes up on my news feed for some reason. This is not news. In fact, given the amount of nudity they have displayed over the years, this is actually just boring. We’ve all seen their tits and ass and vagina. I have all those things too. So if that’s all they have to offer, why does anyone still give a crap when they show up somewhere half naked. Have they no other talents or assets to offer this world? Just please make it stop. Continue reading →


Living with chaos

How can this country survive with a White House that is constantly in chaos? And to make matters worse, there are rumors that President Senility is thinking of replacing Jeff Sessions with Rudy Giuliani. If there was ever an apt example of jumping from the frying pan to the fire, this is it. Continue reading →