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Columbus… really?

Gov. Cuomo supports statues of Columbus remaining in place because they have come to represent Italian American achievements in America.
Columbus was an Italian who sailed for Spain and ultimately failed in his goal of finding a new route to India while somehow missing the entire North American continent.
Is this really the symbol of Italian Americans that we want to project ? Continue reading →


The 60s didn’t change things

The race riots of the sixties were my coming of age story. For the first time, a lot of us were exposed to a level of racism we hadn’t know existed anymore in our wonderful, post-World War II America. My parents had mentioned the prejudice their parents endured when they immigrated from Italy at the turn of the 20th century. But aside from what I learned in school about the Civil War, I knew nothing. I mean really nothing about the issues facing African Americans in America.

The closest I ever came to a conversation with my parents on Continue reading →


My experience with sexual and domestic violence

This piece will appear in the ADN online on Friday and then in the Sunday paper. It took me a long time to write it. Not long in that I sat at my computer for hours, but long in that it has taken me this long to admit I was raped in my marriage and I should not hold the shame for that. My ex-husband should.

Here is the memory that sticks most in my mind. My husband is kneeling on me with a barbell on my neck and he’s screaming he’s going to kill me. Then he forces me Continue reading →

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It finally happened

I don’t scream a lot. When I get angry or frustrated, my tendency is to stop what I’m doing and get stoned and return to it at a different time. But today, whatever has been building up since isolating finally erupted.

I ordered groceries using Instacart. I can’t even detail how many items the shopped brought me that were wrong. And there is no way to contact your shopper to return anything. I get to pay for it even if it is something I never asked for, don’t want and won’t use.

I was standing in the bathroom feeling the Continue reading →


I know I should not feel this way but

Every time I see those tiny-penised, testosterone lacking, armed idiots on the streets carrying the flags of two, not one but two, defeated nations, while the Orange Blob calls them fine people, I can’t help but think again…


And that includes the Orange Blob.

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We should all have goals like not opening the refrigerator every 15 minutes in the hope something interesting has developed in there

I believe that in life we should all have goals. In youth my goals were lofty. I was going to be the first Miss America of Italian descent who also won a Nobel Peace prize and I would do it all while married to Little Joe Cartwright.

My goals have somewhat subsided since then. I now aim to remember the day of the week and the month that week is in. I aim to change my underwear every day and my sweatshirt and pants as least once every week. Ok, once every two weeks assuming nothing of great note or Continue reading →


Didn’t exercise before – won’t exercise now

There are people in quarantine who are using their time to run up and down their stairs and around their house while carrying heavy loads to keep their cardio workout going. There are those who have finished completely renovating their house, including installing new bathtubs, toilets and sinks throughout. You will find these people on their roofs now replacing tiles. There are those who have finally finished that scarf they’ve been crocheting or that sweater set they’ve been knitting and are now starting on a cozy that will wrap around the entire living room to line it with warmth and Continue reading →


And the quarantine continues

Is it week two or three… or forty?

What do you do if you are Italian and stuck at home all day? You order a gabillion dollars’ worth of groceries and cook it all even if there is no one else in the house to eat it except you. Based on this premise, I am proud to now announce that I have chicken broth, chicken soup, chicken salad, broiled chicken, boiled chicken and a meatloaf in my refrigerator. I have a gallon of my mom’s Sunday sauce in the freezer accompanied by about three gallons of beans and cabbage soup. Continue reading →