Another day, another shooting. Yawn…

There’s been another mass shooting in Florida. Hey, wake up! I know this is boring and repetitive but we need to at least pretend we care enough about mass shooting victims to stay awake while their story is told.

So, of course, I send out my thoughts and prayers to all the victims and their families. Gag. I mean, seriously, gag! How can we keep saying that over and over again and not think that at some point it loses its validity if it is not backed by action. And it’s not.

The majority of Americans claim to want stricter Continue reading →


Give me a break

The same POS who claimed a man held prisoner and tortured for over five years in Vietnam is not a hero never went to war because of his bone spurs. Jesus H Christ. What an unmitigated asshole. What a pathetic excuse for a human being. What a tiny, tiny penis he must have if the only way he can feel manly is by taking down a real man.

OK, let’s be straight here. John McCain is responsible for Sarah Palin and all the horrors that have followed that choice. We’ve been forced to deal with unwed mothers, alcohol fueled rages, Continue reading →


About those nuns

So some nuns have been arrested in Scotland for physically and sexually abusing children over the more than 100 years they ran an orphanage there. I want to say “Welcome to the priesthood” to them but even with these clearly needed credentials, they are still not allowed in.

I am beginning to believe more and more that the problem is that any organization that leaves out half of humanity – no matter which half – tends to attract people who want to get away with shit that they would otherwise be called out on. I can think of no all Continue reading →


Guns or Peckers

We really need to learn how to laugh about some of this stuff so we don’t want to kill ourselves. And today is a day for that laughter as a man named Pecker makes a deal with the prosecution that will involved testimony against your favorite POS and his myriad porn stars. At the same time, the Education Secretary this idiot put into office is now considering letting schools use federal money to buy guns.

So let’s break this down. First, Pecker… ok, there really isn’t much to say about that other than the fact that it is a perfectly Continue reading →


If this were a movie script, no one would buy it

Yesterday, two allies of the POS currently sullying the White House became convicted criminals. One of those people ran his campaign. The other was his lawyer. Yet somehow he’d like us to think that he knew nothing about them or their criminal intent.

OK, so let’s take POS at his word. He knew nothing about it. So how stupid does that make him and his staff? Wouldn’t you hope that the people at the top echelons of our government would have the skills needed to investigate the background of anyone purporting to serve a person claiming to be the president Continue reading →


And so the first two fall

And so the first two fall and the climb up the ladder to the top starts in earnest. The only question now is how quickly Orange Goo can pardon them and if he can do it before they start talking a deal. Though it sounds as though Cohen already has one given his guilty pleas today.

I have to wonder if Obama had a campaign chair and a personal lawyer convicted of felonies, how many Republicans right now would be having strokes because he was president. I have to wonder whether the articles of impeachment wouldn’t already be open for Continue reading →


Nothing will change

The pope and all his minions can beat their chests, proclaim sorrow for the pain they caused, declare that the Catholic Church will do all in its power to change the code of silence and coverup that surrounded the sex abuse of children and piously intone that the children come before the organization. They can say all that and it all will remain utter bullshit until such time as they open the doors of the priesthood to EVERYONE, even those without penises.

For so long as the priesthood remains an all boys’ club, the temptation to cover up and shut Continue reading →


We knew it was coming

We all knew it was coming, right? I mean, we all knew it was just a matter of time before it was formally declared. And now we have heard it from the horse’s mouth – though most horses have better looking teeth.

Yep, the truth is not the truth. So proclaimed presidential lawyer and man who should sue his dentist for millions, Rudy Giuliani. We have formally and officially fallen through the looking glass. 1984 is in the rear view mirror and is starting to look normal compared to today. Even George Orwell’s vivid imagination could not equal the reality Continue reading →


Does he even get the irony

I know the  glop of Orange Goo currently sullying the White House is one of the duller pencils in any given box. And I know there is no sharpener that can help him. But seriously, does he really not get the irony of using Twitter to complain about social media cutting off conservative voices? Is he really that thick?

Ok, ok. I think we all know the answer to that.

Here’s the thing. That idiot from InfoWars, in an earlier time, would have been committed to a mental institution and kept there for a long, long time. Unless, of course, Continue reading →


There are friends and there are friends

If you are very lucky in life, you get to look back at yours from a distant vantage point and see a world peopled with friends and family who made life a joy. It’s hard to explain this to anyone under sixty. Because you really need at least forty years under your belt before you can say with certainty that this or that friendship has been a mainstay of your existence. Not only that, but often these are the friends who have enough dirt on you from your youth that you don’t dare cross them. Because really, do you want Continue reading →