Other people and other things Trump found in the caravan

POS seems to be solving all kinds of mysteries with his secret intel on just who is in the caravan heading to America’s southern border. Here are just a few of the people and things he’s found there…

Amelia Earhart – yep, that mystery is finally solved. She may be old but she’s still feisty.

The Bermuda Triangle – turns out it’s just a group of college students holding up a wavy blue towel to look like the ocean without the ship that was there a minute ago.

Carmen Miranda – well, this was pretty much a given, right?

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It’s Owloween

Join the Anchorage Public Library, Bird TLC and our Parliament of Live Owls as we celebrate the spirit of Halloween Oct. 27 from 2 to 4 at the Loussac Library. There will be free education programs, live owl presentations, crafts and a kids’ costume contest.

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Will the wars never end

I recently read that we are now enlisting young men and women to fight in the Middle East who were born within a year or two of 9/11. They are the post 9/11 generation. This is an election year. We have troops in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. Our dearest “friend” in the Mideast is Saudi Arabia – the same country the majority of the 9/11 terrorists came from. Am I the only one who finds it odd that it is NOT a topic of discussion that we have been at war in the Mideast for over 17 years with no Continue reading →


Murphy Brown reboot sucks

Give me a break. The reboot of Murphy Brown has kept all the worse of the original and dumped all the best. I have tried to watch it all the way through an episode but about ten minutes in I’m so tired of being hit over the head with the obvious that I want to scream. Talk about heavy handed. Whatever happened to the joy of subtlety?

Murphy Brown seems intent on making fun of everything happening in DC but has forgotten how to make it funny. The show is too busy indulging in self-congratulations on how “hip” and “in Continue reading →


Anal bleaching – something else I don’t understand

Ok, so why exactly does anyone need their asshole bleached? I mean, seriously, if your lover is complaining about it then he is spending far too much time observing when he could be much more productively occupied.

If you are complaining about your own asshole, you can see things on your body that remain a complete mystery to me. It’s like back in the day when someone thought it was a good idea for me to see my vagina in a mirror. It didn’t work no matter how upside down I tried to make my head.

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We have become morally bankrupt and are verging on reprehensible

The POS currently sullying the White House calls Kim Jong Un a great man and thinks the Saudis are worth doing business with despite their horrific human rights record – and the fact that the majority of 9/11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia. And to top it off, Pat Robertson, purporting to represent some branch of Christianity that I do not recognize in the slightest, has said that human life is not worth the billion dollars the Saudis will give us for weapons they can use to kill their own people and anyone else who annoys them. Because Christianity certainly Continue reading →


Can you say Governor Dunleavy without barfing?

Because you should probably get used to it. Given the debacle of the Walker campaign and the general disgust at Begich’s naked grasp for power and the spotlight at any cost, I think Dunleavy can start measuring the Governor’s House for new curtains now.

I hesitate to write anything about Byron Mallot since so little is known about what happened that caused the resignation. But I do know the MeToo movement is both to blame and not to blame for it. The MeToo movement is probably the only reason that Mallot felt he needed to resign for whatever it was Continue reading →


Keeping us off balance

So the Twitterverse is alive with tweets about the fact that the POS currently sullying the White House didn’t hold an umbrella over his wife’s head in the rain. And Senator Warren and the POS are having a feud over whether he owes a charitable donation because she’s proven she has Native American ancestry in her background. Headlines are made about the most inane and stupid things while the real issues are in the background – complicated, needing thoughtful exploration, possibly life changing for this planet and its people.

The world no longer looks to us for leadership. China and Continue reading →


Who is the most bullied person on earth?

Let’s start by admitting it’s not Melania Trump. No one who lives in a gilded cage atop a skyscraper in Manhattan when she isn’t living off the American people in a gorgeous mansion in DC can really claim to be that bullied without generating a lot of laughter.

Here’s who I think are truly the most bullied people on earth.

For starts, if you live in America and are a black boy or man, you come ahead of Melania in being the most bullied. Whether you are babysitting some kids or your backpack accidentally touches a white woman, the police Continue reading →