Evangelical Christians – America’s Taliban

Evangelicals are the worse. The twisted logic they use to somehow decide the POS currently sullying the White House is a good Christian would be funny if it wasn’t so scary. Evangelicals are America’s terrorists. They will take us down as a democracy and replace us with their version of a theocracy. Be afraid, Americans – the Evangelicals are coming for you and won’t leave until they have destroyed all that our Forefathers ever thought was precious and sacred about our democracy.

Religion truly must be the opiate of the masses – it’s the only thing that can explain a Continue reading →


Ah Ronny, we hardly knew ye!

Ronny Jackson, POS’ nominee to run the VA, is in a bit of a fight due to what some might refer to as his unsavory activities such as drinking on the job and passing out pills like your street corner Dr. Feelgood.

Seriously, folks, did we need to go any further than his extremely humorous and entertaining description of POS’ health last year to raise questions about his competency, medical knowledge, ethics and general common sense. I mean, he stood there in front of cameras and microphones and actually said, with a straight fact, that POS weighed 239 pounds. I Continue reading →


Too funny

Did you see it? Did you see the video of the POS currently sullying the White House trying to hold his wife’s hand? Truly one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.

I know, I know. I should feel sorrier for Melania. But I don’t. She signed up to sleep with this bag of rancid pizza dough and provide him with even more obscene offspring. She was an adult. She knew what she was getting into.

Still, you’ve got to see the video. It’s the POS with Macron at a photo op. POS’ hand taps hers, reaches Continue reading →


Guantanamo Bay

Does that name sound familiar? You remember. Almost twenty years ago we sent people there. Then we locked the door, tossed the key and walked away.

OK, maybe we didn’t do exactly that but damn close. How can we call ourselves a nation of laws if we can put people in a gulag for years without access to counsel or any chance to prove whether or not they’ve done anything to deserve this punishment. And yes, I know about those “trials” that we offered to a select few prisoners while declaring other ineligible for legal counsel.

Yep, I know. These Continue reading →


Wow! Who would have thought it possible?

Imagine, another tragic shooting using an AR 15 weapon. And this time, to add fun to the whole experience, the guy showed up naked – because the last thing I want to see before I die is some man’s tiny little penis swinging in the air as he shoots me.

Reading this guy’s history has to make you wonder about the dad who gave him his guns back. That’s right. His guns were taken by police and given to his dad who promised not to let him have them again. Oops!

Am I the only one who thinks this dumb Continue reading →


Only bullies pick on vulnerable people

So based on the fact that being a bully means you like picking on people who are vulnerable, I think we can safely say that the POS currently sullying the White House is quite the bully. He has now declared that he will roll back Obama era protections for the LGBTQ community in such a way as to threaten their access to health care. Yep, what a guy!

I think that for most of us, the emergence of our sexuality – even if it is of the kind accepted by society – is a messy, scary and confusing part of Continue reading →


So how would this work?

If Nikki Haley and Mike Pence are the Republican ticket in 2020, I have to wonder if Pence’s wife will need top security clearance so she can sit in on all meetings where Nikki might be involved because… you know… Pence can’t be expected to control his own impulses.

Women get blamed for a lot of things in this world. For instance, Gwyneth Paltro’s company Goop. No man is ordering from that company unless the goop in question was somehow laced with motor oil and useful in things mechanical. Women are to blame for that company selling anything.

But what’s Continue reading →


Yes it’s self-serving but…

Yes, James Comey’s book is self-serving and will probably make him oodles of money. But he says some things that so need to be said, things that we are almost too embarrassed to express because we want to look cool and some of the things he espouses are not “cool” in today’s DC.

Comey speaks about service to the country and not service to an individual. He speaks about how the highest office in the land should be held to the highest ethical standards, not something for which the current administration will ever win any awards. Comey speaks about loving Continue reading →


What is wrong… right?… with this man?

Here’s the info that should raise your eyebrows at least slightly, even in this era of Trump lowering the bar so low that ants are having trouble sneaking under.

“A $43,000 soundproof telephone booth that Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt put in his office has caused federal watchdogs to speak up loudly…  The booth — which cost $24,570 itself with nearly $20,000 more in installation costs — is part of a major security upgrade that he ordered for his office that also included biometric locks and a sweep for listening devices.  Pruitt has already come under fire from critics Continue reading →


The Stealth Legislature

The Alaska Legislature has been meeting in Juneau for three months. It’s understandable that you may not have noticed. They have done their best to fly under the radar for most of the sessions and, given their output to date, that was a very good idea. Otherwise, Alaskans might ask themselves why they are spending thousands of dollars a day paying their legislators to be in Juneau.

They are on track to pass the least number of bills since the Stone Age. Now some may think that’s a positive. And, given some of the bills to come out of Juneau Continue reading →