Good news, bad news

The good news is that Trump’s popularity rating is now the lowest of any president in US history, clocking in at about 32%

The bad news is that 32% of Americans still approve of this pussy grabbing piece of racist embarrassment. Have they simply given their brains over to Hannity? Continue reading →


End of discussion

I think the election in Alabama this week should end any discussion of the power of black women to call bullshit when they see it and correct the course when needed. I believe this is also known as, “Don’t piss a black woman off. She will make you regret it.”

Ask Roy Moore. He knows the consequences now. Continue reading →


Today I woke up with almost a smile

For the first time since that November day when way too many (though not the majority) of American voters put the pussy grabber in the Oval Office, I woke up today with a slight smile on my face and a faint ray of hope in my heart. The light almost broke through after Virginia results but I feared those results might be an aberration. But even in Alabama, child molesters are beyond the pale. It’s nice to know we actually do have a bottom line we refuse to fall below. For awhile there, that didn’t seem possible. Continue reading →


I wonder when they’ll wake up

All of Trump’s supporters seem to have some kind of blindness to his actual acts. How do you support someone who claims a right to grab a female’s pussy because he’s famous? Would your husband continue to support him if he grabbed your pussy? Or would he still drink the Kool Aid? And if you had a child in a mixed race marriage, how would you feel about Trump’s support of nazis and other racists? Do you think your relative would escape the Apocalypse that Trump and his racist buddy Bannon would like to start? Or go back to the Continue reading →


Just like common sense gun regulations

The big fuss being made over sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace is seeming to be not unlike the big fuss made every time some asshole with a gun opens fire in a crowd… it’s making a lot of headlines, generating a lot of hot air and resulting in absolutely nothing substantive being done. Are some high profile men losing their jobs, their status, their power? They are but the tip of the iceberg, being sacrificed for the betterment of all their male contemporaries. The noise will die down in the excitement of the holiday, men will go back Continue reading →

Columns 2017

Republicans are two faced liars when it comes to being fiscal conservatives

You’d think funding a program providing medical care to low-income children would be a no-brainer. Apparently not true in today’s poisonous political climate. In today’s political climate, even immunizations for poor children become a football to be booted and kicked around until it’s flatter than the balls used in Deflategate. Not to worry though. The rich and their riches are safe.

Our government is supposed to be by the people, of the people and for the people. Yet it seems as if more and more we are defining “people” as corporations and individuals with millions of dollars in their checking Continue reading →


It just keeps getting sadder

Who would have ever thought that America’s standing in the world as a leader in all areas could be destroyed in less than 12 months by the incompetence and insanity that is currently occupying the White House. And now, the RNC and the man currently sullying the White House are supporting a known pedophile rather than vote for a Democrat who has not been accused of any crimes of morality. Party over country. What a sad, sad place we are at in our history. And I am beyond patience with anyone still supporting this whole disaster that’s been unfolding since Continue reading →


Help me understand

The man currently sullying the White House is someone you wouldn’t trust your daughters or granddaughters alone with. How is that someone who should be representing America to the world? He is a serial sex offender. If you still support him, then you must support men using sex as power over women. You might as well send your daughters and granddaughters into his presence sooner rather than later so that they will early on begin to understand that their position is below any and all men and they need to just accept their bodies being groped and used by powerful Continue reading →


Are you happy yet?

I want one of those people who still think the man currently sullying the White House is a good president to tell me one thing he has done to make their lives better. Tried to eliminate health care? Leading us into nuclear war? Supports a tax reform that mostly favors him and his family and those of similar wealth?

I want to ask these people if their schools are better or the economy improved or whether they have some secret hideaway so that nuclear war doesn’t scare them.

We are surely screwed. Continue reading →