So the media’s the enemy

So according to the Big Orange Pile of Creamsickle Goo, America’s biggest enemy is the Fake News Media. In case you’re wondering how you know the news is fake, it’s easy. If it’s not Sean Hannity, it’s fake. And it’s America’s enemy because it insists on pointing out when the emperor has no clothes on… and given our would-be emperor, who the hell would ever want to see that.

Ok, so let’s see where this brilliant idea leads us. The media is the enemy. So let’s destroy the enemy by constantly questioning everything it writes or says… even when it’s Continue reading →


How did we end up here?

How did we end up in a situation where the moving pile of orange goo that claims to be our president goes on TV praising every strongman dictator in the world but picks a fight with Justin Trudeau?

Remember when America stood for something? Ah, those were the days. We praised our allies and condemned the tyrants who killed and imprisoned their own citizens, who annexed countries without a qualm, who killed journalists and rivals whenever and wherever they found them. Now it’s just the opposite. Kim Jung Un and Putin seem to be the two leaders Orange Goo mostly Continue reading →


Pre-existing conditions

In all the fun and fury of Orange Goo destroying relationships with our closest allies… and Canada, for god’s sake, CANADA!… another headline has been lost in the general weeping and gnashing of teeth that anyone with even an iota of sense is doing. And that’s the headline where the current administration destroying our country and everything good in it announced it would not defend the Obama era mandate of the ACA that requires coverage of people with pre-existing conditions.

Yep, listen up all you sick people out there. If you thought trying to stay alive before was hard, wait Continue reading →


How the hell did this happen?

How the hell did we end up at war with Canada? OK, not a full blown, guns blazing war like we have in our schools but a war of words, anger and – on the part of many Americans – confusion.

I mean, we’re talking Canada here. Some of the nicest people in the world live there. I have always felt safe and secure knowing they were our northern border because Canadians were our friends and I knew they’d fight to keep us safe. Maybe they say the word “about” in a strange fashion but other than that, we are Continue reading →


Bully in Chief

That pile of melted orange goo must have been a horrible child because he grew into a horrible human being. He is a bully now and he was probably a bully then.

The POS currently embarrassing us throughout the world seems to feel that he can bully with impunity since he now sits atop the largest bully pulpit in the world. What he doesn’t see from those lofty heights is the anger and disdain swelling beneath him.

China is growing into an economic machine that will soon surpass us. The European Union is finding other trading partners. Canada is probably Continue reading →

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Attitude is all he needs

Oh. Sweet. Jesus. We are all doomed. Bend over and kiss it goodbye. That melted pile of orange goo has announced that he doesn’t need to be up to date on issues with North Korea prior to the summit. All he needs to do is have attitude.

I’m assuming he’s talking about the same attitude that won us independence, ended slavery and defeated Hitler. Yep, those were some attitudes. Of course, they were also backed up by guns and bombs but who are we to quibble. He’s the man with the plan. He’s the geeter with the heeter. He’s the Continue reading →


Remember Guantanamo Bay?

It has totally dropped out of the national conversation. Which means that Americans are content to have their very own gulag from which there is no escape, no justice and no need to prove any criminal act. You go to Guantanamo and you never come back.

There are prisoners who have been there now for almost 17 years with no trial, no access to any form of justice and no idea of how long we plan to keep them there or if we ever plan to address their case and resolve it.

Is that truly what we want to be Continue reading →


Oh… poor baby… his life is worse because he’s president

One of the Creamsicle’s sons has claimed that his father’s life is exponentially worse since he entered public life. Well, let me make a suggestion as to how we can end his suffering, especially since Creamsicle’s misery is nothing compared to the misery he has inflicted on a nation.

Get the hell out of our lives!

OK, was that too harsh? Let me try again. Dear melting pile of orange creamsicle goo, perhaps your best choice to eliminate the misery from your life and ours is for you to resign and go into seclusion. Honest, you will still exist even Continue reading →


No swimsuit competition!

I grew up in Atlantic City. I lived over my dad’s grocery store which was two blocks away from Convention Hall on the Boardwalk where the Miss America Pageant was held. To say it was a big deal back then is to put it mildly.

People came from all over to cheer their state’s contestant. As kids, we always knew that school started the day after the Miss America parade on the Boardwalk. I spent more than one Saturday night of my childhood watching the show that was happening only a few blocks away and feeling bad about myself because Continue reading →


They all share the shame

Every politician, no matter their party affiliation, who is not openly, loudly and swiftly condemning that pile of melted orange creamcicle goo currently sullying the White House as he continues to claim for himself the powers of a tyrant and dictator, is complicit in the downfall of this once great country.

While the Dems are doing their normal level of grumbling and bitching, the Rs seem content to sit quietly and pretend they don’t know POS or what he’s doing. Let me give you a hint… he’s destroying the American dream for immigrants, legal or otherwise. He’s making a mockery Continue reading →