For god’s sake, just tell the truth and get over it

I don’t mind the firing of all those federal prosecutors as much as I mind the boldfaced lies of the administration in claiming that it wasn’t political. For god’s sake, we aren’t idiots out here, even if we did elect Bush twice.  But to have hard evidence of correspondence between the White House and the AG’s chief of staff showing the political plotting and manuvering, and then to find out that friends of people in high places got appointed to the suddenly vacated positions, and then to see the good evaluations those eight prosecutors received proving that the terminations had nothing to do with their competence, then to find out about investigations of Democrats that weren’t going fast enough for endangered Republican candidates in the last election….to see and hear all this and then have the president claim it wasn’t political…well, maybe he has a right to treat us like idiots. After all, he got away with it in the last presidential campaign and he was re-elected. He lied to us then and got away with it so why shouldn’t he feel that he can lie to us now and get away with it.