I really do love New York but….

I love New York City. I love that I could walk around the Met and travel from Impressionist France to First Dynasty Egypt and take a break for a lovely lunch in between.  But seriously, I realize I am WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY too much of an Alaskan to ever spend more than a day or two on the sidewalks of New York. As we were walking back from the Met to Port Authority, I wanted to scream, “Everybody off the sidewalks. Go away.  I can’t breathe”.  I have never in my life seen such a constant press of people in the same place at the same time.  And when you are walking near Central Park, they all have little dogs who are dodging big feet at every step. 

Like Alaskans, New Yorkers are a special breed. Their city, like Alaska, is wonderful. I’m privileged to have had a chance to experience them both as my home. And now I must run back to Alaska and gulp in large quantities of air in splendid isolation.