My New Year’s Eve

I spent an hour on the floor playing peekaboo with Abdul who was hiding under the couch.  I’d say, “Where’s Abdul” and from the other side of the hanging fold of upholstery I’d hear his little squaky voice say, “Come here.  Abdul, good bird, come here.” And yes, that actually did amuse me for almost an hour. I’m old and I’m easy. Get over it.

I spent the rest of the night holding a fifty pound dog in my lap who was totally freaked by the explosions. Blondie sat on my chest panting fish breath into my mouth and refusing to budge if I tried to move her off me. Blue was not really scared but was freaked that Blondie was freaked and so she jumped up on the bed next to me and Blondie and just generally acted excited about whatever she thought we were excited about.

And to think that some people make reservations to go someplace where they have to pay to have fun on new year’s eve. I have just as much fun and I’m in my pajamas and didn’t have to pay anyone for the best seat in the house.