My little blue box

Every year this time as I prepare my paperwork for my taxes, I go to my little blue plastic file box and pull out the wads of receipts, bills, notices, rabies shots records and check stubs and think of my friend Janis. Despite the fact that I now have an office with two full filing cabinets that could probably organize everything so that sorting things out wasn’t so difficult each year, I still find myself stuffing all my probably important papers I might need for my taxes into the same blue plastic file box that she picked out for me almost twenty years ago in a vain attempt to help me get beyond the junk drawer system of filing.  I could buy a new box. I could actually sort my papers throughout the year so that tax time would not be so painful. I could avoid stuffing papers into an overflowing box every December as room ran out in my little blue box. But I won’t. I know I won’t. Janis knew I wouldn’t. That’s why she got me to buy my little blue box. And each time i go to shove another piece of paper into it, I think of her.  For that alone it’s worth keeping.