Baggage charge

So now airlines are going to charge for every piece of checked luggage in an attempt to make up revenue. Here’s a better idea. Charge for every piece of carry on luggage instead. It would cut down dramatically on the amount of stuff people try to shove into overhead bins and under their feet, cut boarding prep time in half since you’d just go find your seat and sit down, and create a much better feeling about you among passengers who didn’t try to shove their baby grand piano into a bag and then insist it could fit in the overhead bin if they just shoved everyone else’s stuff into a tiny, smashed corner of the bin.  Airline on time arrivals and departures would increase because there would be less time spent with attendants running up and down the plane trying to find an inch of space into which they can shove a baby carriage and then arguing with a passenger over the need to check it. And it would greatly lessen my annoyance when I reach my seat and find that someone who boarded earlier and is sitting ten rows back has taken up the space in my overhead for the one damn small cloth bag I carry my books in for plane rides.

Why don’t these stupid airlines call me before they make these outrageous decisions?