Here’s why listening to the weather report can be important

I put my trash cans and recycle bin out on Wednesday night for pick up Thursday morning. I did not bother listening to the reports of the wind that would come howling down on my little house. I awoke Thursday morning to find my driveway and the streets had become sheer ice and my trash cans and recycle bin were nowhere in sight. I put on my shoes fortified by yaktraxs and headed out in the car to find them. I found the two trash cans further away than I would have thought possible given the amount of stuff in them. The recycle bin…well, it was almost in another zip code. The good news is, of course, that this being Alaska, everyone I ran into helped. My neighbor retrieved my trash can lid when I couldn’t reach it and the nice guys in the recycling truck put my can on the back of the truck since it wouldn’t fit into my car and delivered it to my driveway. Crisis averted even though I’m not sure I am not responsible for strewing recyclables around the neighborhood. I can’t tell because if I did, they are so far away I can’t find any.

I simply have to start paying attention to the weather channel.