Politics can make you really crazy

As hard as I find this to believe, there are people in America dreading the day that Obama takes the oath of office because they are sure he is a Muslim terrorist and not an American born citizen and so has no right to be president AND plans to destroy this country. First of all, if the Current Occupier and his minions from hell did not destroy America, I think we can count ourselves as pretty resilient and indestructible. Secondly…really? People really believe that this could be true and the Republican Party and almost all Republican Supreme Court would not have noticed and made some fuss about it.? After all, the Current Occupier’s first term was simply and starkly a gift from the Supreme Court. So why would they hesitate now to expose Obama and put another person in who was more amenable to their way of thinking? Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, have these people never see MIchelle Obama? What in the hell makes them think she would tolerate an agenda that would limit the horizons of her two little girls? I don’t think so.

Yeah, politics not only makes people crazy, it makes some people plain stupid.