A new feathered friend

I’ll be getting a new foster bird soon, a little sun conure. So let me put this plea out to all my faithful readers. If you live in Anchorage and have never considered how much fun it could be to have a feathered friend in your home, go to the Alaska Parrot Education and Adoption Center website – http://www.akpeac.org/ – and check out how you can add this wonderful dimension of fun and joy to your life. All our companion birds are rescued from homes that can no longer keep them. They all need a little love and attention and they will be the most faithful companion you could ever want.

If you don’t live in Alaska, check for a local PEAC chapter in your area or a local bird club. These are wonderful, caring companions who will always keep a smile on your face and song in your heart if you’re just willing to be the forever family they’re looking for.