She continues on the dignity train

I head to the closet closest to the outside door and pull out my winter walking coat. Instantly both dogs come to attention. Blondie runs up the two steps to the landing next to the door knowing that I want her there to attach her leash. Blue has her head, as usual, stuck under a bird cage foraging for leftovers.  She glimpses me putting my coat on and comes over and starts barking. But not her usual OHMYGODICAN’TBELIEVESHE’SACTUALLYTAKINGUSFORAWALKITSBEENALMOSTTWENTY-FOURHOURSSINCETHELASTONE bark. This was different. She’d bark twice, then frantically mover her lower jaw up and down in some odd chewing fashion. Two more barks, another couple of jaw shakes. It took me watching about three repetitions of this exercise to realize she was trying to bark and eat something at the same time and clearly did not want to accidentally bark out what was in her mouth for fear Blondie or I would find it tempting. I guess I should just be grateful that she managed to not choke on it while barking.

My dog…. there is no god but food before her.