Yet another doggie tale

We finish our morning meal. Blue gets her insulin shot. Blondie gets her daily prednisone.  Then they both get half a dog biscuit for being good and taking their meds. But a flake from Blue’s half of the treat falls off. This tiny sliver falls right in front of Blondie who already has her half of the bone in her mouth. She goes into instant alert over the sliver on the floor lest Blue try to come back and claim it.  Then she tries to pick it up in her mouth. But she can’t because her mouth is already occupied holding on to the treat she has in it. Every time she tries to close her lips around the fallen sliver, she finds she can’t close down enough. So she drops the bone in her mouth in order to pick up the sliver. Only she drops the bone right on top of the sliver. Now she can’t find the sliver. She wanders around the general vicinity of the bone for a few seconds looking puzzled, then goes back and picks up the bone. Instantly she hones in on the now visible sliver. She immediately drops the bone again in order to pick it up. She drops the bone, of course, directly on top of the sliver, thereby once again obscuring it from her view. She now wanders a bit more despondently around the area in which she has dropped her bone, sniffing hopefully for the sliver that seems to have gone into hiding. Not seeing it, she once again picks up the bone. And lo and behold, what does she find but the sliver.

At this point I am laughing so hard I think I might pee my pants. She is not amused. I lean forward before she can repeat this whole pathetic pantomime again and hand her the sliver. She drops the bones, gobbles up the sliver before it disappears again and then contentedly goes on to eat her bone.

Just another morning in my life.