Further stories of my stellar jays

I thought I’d try to see just how comfortable the jays who come to my porch for peanuts are. I usually put the peanuts out and then sit in a chair on the other side of the porch while they dive in. But last night I stood there with peanuts in my hand. Once before they had come to my hand, grabbed a peanut and then flew off. This time, one of them was bold enough to grab a peanut, toss it in his beak enough to satisfy him that this was not the one he wanted, drop it back into my hand and pick another one. He went through each one in my hand until he found the right one. And each time he dropped the wrong one back into my palm, he cocked his head and looked at me to see if I disapproved of how picky he was being.

Yep, I want to go to animal heaven when I die. It seems like a lot more fun than people heaven… assuming we’ve worked out that lamb lying down with the lion thing by then.