So how was your morning?

I know my dogs are bright and intelligent. I just know they are. But sometimes I do have to wonder.

When I got up the other day to let them out for their morning relief, I found a big moose all curled up in their yard enjoying a snooze. Clearly there was no going in the back yard. I went to the front door, opened it onto my front lawn and urged them to go do their business. They looked at me very puzzled. Clearly they had no idea why I was kicking them out of the house. And Just as clearly, they were leaving – certainly not without breakfast.

So I stumbled upstairs, pulled on enough clothes to not shock the neighbors, grabbed their leashes and took them out the front door to visit the lawn. They tore out the door, dragging me behind them. Due to a long dental appointment I’d had the day before, they had not had a walk. Clearly they thought I was making up for that with an early stroll.

I dug my heels in halfway down the driveway and repeatedly entreated them to go pee. Both looked at me in sheer bewilderment. And I wondered how an urge that was so clearly immediate when they were in the house could so quickly go away just because they were going out the front door.

Blue, my lovely little diabetic, finally managed to find a spot on the driveway that suited her fancy. Blondie never got a clue. We went back inside and, believe it or not, Blondie went back to bed as though the changed morning routine had exhausted her and she no longer could even think about peeing.

The moose finally ambled off about half an hour later and then Blondie went out and peed enough to raise the water table at least an inch. 

How does a dog do that? When I have to go, I have to go. I not only couldn’t hold it in, I can’t imagine how you can go BACK TO SLEEP with a full bladder. Maybe when I cross that Rainbow Bridge my dogs will be waiting for me with an answer.