Kids – what would we do without them?

So just after I thought I’d learned everything there was to learn about what I am now told is not TiVo but, in fact, DVR or something like that…. anyway, just when I thought I knew all about how to work it, a delightful young woman from Barrow shows up on my doorstep for a visit and introduces me to a whole new world of possibilities available to me if I hit one of those buttons on the remote that I was too frightened to touch because I didn’t know what it did.

Now I don’t have the end of my taped shows cut off because she showed me I could program it to go beyond the end time. She showed me how to tape and watch the same show at the same time. Wow. Isn’t technology amazing?

And now back to my book – low tech, no buttons to push, no batteries to insert and no rewind button to use if I want to reread a particularly stimulating paragraph. Sometimes simpler is still best.