The ultimate humiliation

Blue is getting too old to really want to do the outside steps from the deck to the yard. She prefers the inside steps which have carpeting that acts as a brake when she starts sliding down. Sliding occasionally happens when you combine the bad back legs of an old diabetic dog with the dramatic downhill decline of the normal household flight of stairs.

In the winter this is not a problem as Blue is just as happy to pee in the snow on the deck upstairs as try to go to the snow downstairs in the yard. After the thaw though, life becomes a bit more problematic. Blue knows she shouldn’t pee on the deck. But those outside stairs are so long and slippery. And sometimes, when you’re old, diabetic and perhaps not the brightest bulb in the box from the start, you get so caught up in the debate (pee on the deck, dare to attempt the stairs… what should I do?) that you suddenly realize there is no more time for debate. And you squat and pee right on the deck.

And mom, being an old diabetic herself, is understanding and doesn’t yell because she knows yelling really wouldn’t help anyway.

Unfortunately, this time Blondie was sleeping on the stoop below the deck. She jumped faster than I thought she still had in her when the first drops hit her head. Blondie was not a happy camper. Neither was mom who had to wash the pee off her head before she was willing to pet her again.

Getting old really and truly just sucks sometimes.