It’s only insects and I still don’t measure up

Here in Anchorage, we have these insects that appear in what we laughingly refer to as our summer.  They are big overall but very tiny in their individual parts. When they come into your home, they don’t fly as much as they bounce around on your walls.

Every summer they come in to my home while I hold the door open and scream at the dogs to get in and stop dawdling because mosquitoes are coming in with these other insects.  And every year at lease one insect couple have a honeymoon on my wall. I know this is happening because I look up and there is what looks like a two headed insect but it is really just two individuals who have joined tails or whatever their copulatory organs are.

They will stay motionless in this lock of love for an inordinate amount of time and then disappear. I assume they are off having a cigarette and a drink. 

Each year I wait for what I assume will be the inevitable birth of their offspring in my home.

But that never happens.

And I find myself wondering if they view my home as a nice place for sex but not someplace they’d want to raise their kids.  I cringe at the thought that my house simply does not measure up to their standards for raising offspring.

I am over sixty years old and still measuring my housekeeping standards against that of my mother and finding myself wanting. I’m actually feeling inferior to two insects screwing on my wall.