It’s so sad when your dogs lose it before you do

I give Blondie her two biscuit mid-afternoon treat. She races outside with them so that Blue doesn’t get close enough to steal one. Blue, it should be noted, can inhale her biscuits in the time it takes for Blondie to adjust them in her mouth so Blondie has learned to protect them from Blue who is usually looking for more before Blondie has even had one bite. Once Blondie has dropped the biscuits in the fresh fallen snow, she gently nudges them with her nose to cover them up and then barks to come back in. She’s usually not in five minutes before she decides they’ve aged enough in their buried spot and are now ready to eat.

Alas, she goes outside and there are all kinds of paw prints in the snow in her yard, any one of which might be where she buried her treats. She starts sniffing at approximately a 180 distance from where I saw her bury them. I come back to my computer and resume my work knowing she will spend the next half hour sniffing every depression in the yard until finally, accidentally, stumbling on where she hid them.

It’s a good thing she a sweet dog because whoever named her Blondie got it absolutely right.