Poor Blue

She’s sleeping soundly on her bed at the foot of my bed. TV is over for the night and I call her to go out for one last time. I call again and again, louder and louder, until she finally stirs. She gets up and sleepily heads towards the bedroom doorway. Since the stairs are right outside the bedroom door, I feel confident she’s in gear and head down the stairs with Blondie. I get to the bottom of the stairs and look up. Blue is standing at the top of the stairs looking lost. I call her. I call again, louder. Her head perks up. I call a third time. I am directly below her. She turns right, sure that the sound is coming from someone nearby but where?  I call again. She goes back into the bedroom following the direction from which she believes my voice is coming. I hear her feet tap-tapping through the bedroom, into the bathroom and back. I call again. I finally surrender and go upstairs and stand in the bedroom doorway and call her name. She looks straight at me and turns and goes back to bed.

I think to myself, “Is this it? Am I seeing a glimpse into my future?” Because if I am, my family better be saving now to get me round the clock attendants or I will be leading them on one very merry chase.