Duvet update

Well, it turns out that duvet I wanted to order… that one that cost $68 and showed a shipping cost of $110… was not from an American company but from a Chinese company. I found this out when I received a response that was very short and in very stilted English… but then, I probably couldn’t even do minimally stilted Chinese so I have no room to talk on that count.  At any rate, the message said to go and order that the problem was handled. I was a bit skeptical but went back to the website and ordered the duvet. When shipping came up it had dropped from $110 to $22.  You have got to wonder how they were originally going to send it, don’t you? On the other hand, having now ordered it, I have to wonder how many months it will take to arrive. 

Still, all things considered, what a great and immediate response. No wonder the Chinese are breathing down our necks. The last time I had this discussion with an American company… a discussion I believe centered around their misunderstanding of the terms continental and contiguous… they were rude, arrogant and less than helpful until I involved the BBB.

I think there is a lesson to be learned here!