Duvet cover, part deux

I bring home a red duvet cover for my master bedroom. I remove the old one and stuff the quilt into the new one. I make the bed and realize I can’t find the pillow cases (shams?) for the totally useless pillows you put on top of the duvet when you make the bed. I search the entire house, retrace every step I’ve taken, sure that I just accidentally put them down somewhere due to the extreme sinus infection I am now admitting has me in its grip.

But no. No shams.

Then I remember that I might have opened the package and put the shams on the bed. I look at the covered quilt and wonder if I’d just stuffed the shams inside the duvet when I was putting the quilt there. I grab a flashlight and try to look inside. Not working. I pull the quilt out and turn the duvet inside out to make sure there are no shams in it. Then I shove the quilt back into the duvet.

It’s not until I get to the end of the shoving that I realize I have shoved the quilt into an inside out duvet cover.

I once again remove the quilt, turn the duvet right side out and, for the third time in twenty minutes, shove the damn quilt back into the duvet.

I never find the shams because there are no shams. The small package contained the bed skirt.

I’m glad I’m around to keep god amused.