You never can tell what they’ll dig up

Walked Blondie the other day. She got to a little mound of dead leaves off the side of the road and became very interested in its contents. Since the sun was out, the breeze was blowing and I wasn’t being assaulted by bugs, I drifted off and let her sniff to her heart’s content. After a few minutes of quiet daydreaming, I realized the leash was no longer pulled taut as she yanked to reach every inch of the mound. I looked down and there she stood, in all her dirty nosed glory, with something that might have once had life… or might not have… proudly dangling from her mouth. I think I may have seen little feet. Or tiny intestines. Or crawly bugs. I can’t say for sure because I screamed, threw her leash in the air and ran away from her. She thought this was a great game and came running after me. Blondie being Blondie, it didn’t take long for her to forget she had something in her mouth and I saw it drop by the side of the road. I ran back, grab her leash and dragged her away while gagging.

Seriously, what is it with dogs and unidentifiable, potentially once living matter? It can’t taste good. It can’t be easy to digest.

At home she gets the best of the best in food. I guess I shouldn’t worry so much. Apparently the more disgusting it looks to me, the more like ambrosia it is to her.