Why you don’t want me around in a crisis

I was in the left hand turn lane. A truck on the road in front of me got their green arrow first and started turning into the lane next to me that was for traffic going in the opposite direction. But this young lady was apparently busy with other things as she turned and couldn’t be bothered to keep her eyes on the road. In fact, she leaned down below her dashboard as she turned so you couldn’t even tell anyone was driving. So she turned straight into me. All I could see was this big truck coming at me and my reaction was to put my foot on the brake as hard as I could while not breathing. Apparently I felt that if she hit my car while I was hitting my brake as hard as possible, she couldn’t hurt me. As for the not breathing… I think I also suspected it would be best if I passed out immediately so as to not feel the pain of the hit.

The young lady in the truck looked up as her bumper was about to hit mine and jerked her truck violently to her right. She missed me by inches.

I think I started breathing again about five blocks later.