Ah men…..

I am consistently amazed by how happy some of my married female friends are given the weirdness that can be the male of the human species. Without naming names, because you know who you are, let me describe a recent scene in my home while the male half of couple who have been my friends forever was visiting.

I suggested that he could go upstairs and watch TV while I finished work I needed to do in my office before we went to dinner. A little while later, I went upstairs to get him. The TV was blaring at earsplitting level. The radio, which I leave on for the birds all day, was still playing. I turned the radio off and asked why he’d not done that before turning the TV on. He said he didn’t want to upset the birds because he knew they listened to the radio. The fact that he left the radio on and then turned the TV on so loud to drown out the radio did not in any way apparently strike him as incongruous. He sat there happily amidst birds screeching to be heard over a tv that was playing as loud as possible to drown out a radio no one could really hear and saw nothing at all wrong with the scene.

My hat is off to all my married female friends. That you don’t just burst out laughing at their husbands most of the time is a true testament to their strength and love.