What did we do before the Internet

I thought my connection was acting funny because of all the rain and the earth was so wet. I figured that had to affect my Internet connection, right? Wrong. That thinking apparently is a hold over from when TVs had metal rabbit ears that had to be turned just right to see Ed Sullivan without lines. I believe that was sometime in the 1950s.

So after spending a very reasonable amount of time with a very nice GCI tech person, who never once commented on how old people should not be allowed around these new fangled devices as I called up to my phone from where I had gotten stuck under my desk trying to find out where some friggin’ wire connected, I found out my modem was dying. Aside from being impressed that I actually knew what a modem was, this meant a trip to the store to pick up a new one. This also meant not only unplugging the old one but figuring out how to plug the new one in correctly and finding that damn thing with the little metal pin that comes out of it that has to be screwed in after it fell into the black hole that is the back of my computer work station.

This is why people start drinking I think.